Money Tweets by @MusicMyFancy

“Birthdays are nice, but I always end up spending too much money for people I barely talk to !”

“RT @x_Head_Blunts: Wen you start getting money , that wen everybody have there hand out”

“I spent all my money :/”

“RT @Fuckin_In_Style: Always borrow money from pessimists. They'll never expect it back!”

“spent 20 dollars on a phone case. It was all good when i had money. But now I'm kinda mad about that ish”

“Lol, real talk tho, that's childish. Yall making my little cousin look bad. Pay the money.,,”

“Messin around with my money ! <<<”

“Like, people owe me money tho <<”

“RT @BetterHollaAtMe: Gotta be careful can't let tha evil of tha money trap me
so when ya see me nigga
ya better holla at me”

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