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“RT @jenniferherndon: @PamMktgNut Yes! you have to know not just your market's demographics, but how they FEEL before you can speak their language. #GetRealChat”

“The more you know your customer, the better you will be able to naturally and organically speak their language. #getrealchat”

“Knowing the language of your audience & customer increases ROI across all facets of biz and marketing. #getrealchat”

“At root of their language is a human being w/needs, wants, desires, dreams, troubles, yearning for friendship, success etc. #getrealchat”

“What keeps your target customer up at night? What makes them laugh, cry, mad, think? These are key to understanding language. #getrealchat”

“I think before you can speak your customers language you must KNOW them. Who are they, what do they need, want? #getrealchat”

“Q8: How does your response to bands not speaking your language differ offline from online? Will you enter a store? #getrealchat”

“A7: If they are TOTALLY 100% off from speaking my language I'll likely leave the page/blog/website w/out clicking. #getrealchat”

“Q7: What do you do when you get to a website, blog, social profile & find brand is not speaking your language? Do you click? #getrealchat”

“Q6: Do you think of your customers language & tone when writing blog content, website copy, social media updates, tweets? #getrealchat”

“Q4: How can a brand speak to you in your language? How would you recommend they learn about YOU? #getrealchat”

“A3: @Hostgator @Brighthouse @Att @Orbitz @Lowes to name a few doing great at speaking my language. #getrealchat”

“Q3: What brands do you think best know & understand the language you speak? #getrealchat”

“It's why I started this discussion asking if you know the language your customer speaks, not do you speak it. Big difference! #getrealchat”

“Yes, I agree 100% with these comments of listening to understand client's language, tone first before speaking. #getrealchat”

“Q2: What steps do you take to understand language your customer speaks? Research? Social listening? Surveys? Data analysis? #getrealchat”

“Q1: On a scale of 1-5 (5 being high) how well do you know the language your customer speaks? #getrealchat”

“When we talk about "speaking" language our customers speak we are referring to all mediums, written, spoken, tweets, etc #getrealchat”

“Tonight we are talking about branding and speaking the language your customer speaks. #getrealchat”

“High tweet warning for the next hour! Kicking off #GetRealChat talkin #branding & speaking your target customer's language.”

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