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“RT @Media_Chat: Huge thanks to @sebrusk for being an awesome guest here on #mediachat tonight! #YouMatter mediachat

“RT @kilby76: Here is tonights #mediachat transcripts via @hashtracking #mediachat

“A9: Best things a brand can do to be social-> Listen, help, be relevant & be human! #mediachat

“RT @AuthorsPromoter Some businesses should spend more time perfecting their product & service and less time socializing mediachat

“Listen more than you talk. Give without expecting to get. #mediachat

“Align social media to biz goals where social can have a positive impact. Not all goals necessarily align. #mediachat

“RT @sebrusk: "The goal is not to be good at social media, the goal is to be good at business bc of social media" - @jaybaer #mediachat

“RT @sebrusk: "Just Do It!" @Nike RT @Media_Chat: Q4) @sebrusk What are some ways that brands can do social media right? #mediachat

“a3: having different levels of transparency doesn't = no authentic. Either you are authentic or you're not #mediachat

“a3: they fear transparency & don't understand there is a difference btwn transparency & authenticity (not the same) #mediachat

“A3: lack of overall strategy & plan, skill deficit, content strategy, humanization of brand & unrealistic expectations. #mediachat

“RT @kilby76: Hi Pam! Topic "Social Media SUCKS...if you don't know what you're doing" RT @PamMktgNut What is on deck for convo tonight? #mediachat

“RT @kilby76: Q2) My favs that are doing it right @McDonaldsCorp @Starbucks @ChipotleTweets #mediachat #mediachat

“RT @sebrusk: A2) @starbucks is just plain gangster with their social efforts #mediachat

“A2: @GaylordOpryland rocked it this week at #smartercommerce - personal, timely, friendly engagement! #mediachat

“RT @mincedmedia: A1.) Any brand that mistakenly newsjacks a disaster hashtag. #MediaChat

“Hello #mediachat! Sorry I am late. What is on deck for convo tonight?”

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