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“Resurrection frees you from the world & for the world. via Pastor @ChanKilgore @cporlando #quotes #orlando”

“"Maturity is what we need to exercise our faith." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“The question is: "How blessed can you be?" via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“God's question to us ->"How much can I give you w/out you using what I gave you against me?" via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"You have the ability to change the direction of your family!" via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"We should all be free." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”



Wow, really powerful msg from Pastor @GregCDumas at @Crossingonline today! You can still watch live #faith

“Say "I am not a slave" = inferiority. Say "I am not a King/Queen" = pride. via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“Both inferiority & pride have insecurity as the root. via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"Insecurity is the root" via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"When the mouth speaks its a revelation of what's taking place in your heart." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"The issue isn't with the mouth... it's with your heart." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"Some of us need to just stop talking & start listening." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"Don't grandstand. No need to tell everyone how awesome your dream is." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“"You were born for a purpose on this planet." via Pastor @GregCdumas @crossingonline #quotes”

“A critical spirited person criticizes others to justify self. Discerning spirits rest in truth & humility. via Pastor @chankilgore #quotes”

“A critical spirit attacks a person, often publicly. A discerning spirit addresses principal or truth. via Pastor @chankilgore #orlando”

“"God is the definer. I am the defined." via Pastor @chankilgore @cporlando #orlando”

Pastor @chankligore kicking off w/question

Pastor @chankligore kicking off w/question "Who do you think you are? @cporlando #orlando

Pastor @chankligore kicking off w/question "Who do you think you are? @cporlando #orlando

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