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“Sorry to miss! RT @BethGrangerSays: Hey #usguys #someassoc join me next week > MT @kilby76: Next week's guest is @BethGrangerSays #MediaChat

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Thx, Sid! @IAmMrSid: My friend @PaulBiedermann throws in his 2 cents about @Yahoo's new logo: #marketing #mediachat

“Hey Beki! RT @bekiweki: @ritu @Childhood Ditto! And @PaulBiedermann? It's like the whole gang's here. #mediachat

“Busy Spring, son home from college & cleaning lots of fish. You? RT @Childhood: @PaulBiedermann Hey Paul! What's new!? #mediachat

“Some of my fondest memories include picking up white bags with my uncle in his Mustang. @CustomTrains: @McDonaldsCorp McDs event #mediachat

“Kelly! *hugs*RT @Childhood: Hi friends! *huggles* #mediachat

“RT @Childhood: Hi friends! *huggles* #mediachat

“And filtering mechanism. RT @rantingincr: @McDonaldsCorp use #hashtags to generate convo w/ BRAND, not push product or message. #mediachat

“Truth! RT @QRKim: @PaulBiedermann I could care less about the fat, calories. When I want it, I want it. #justsayin #mediachat

“Yup! @johndanes: RT @McDonaldsCorp: @kilby76 Hashtags not only helpful for external awareness but internally they let you track #mediachat

“They were better with the trans fats. #justsayin' RT @QRKim: RT @martinjonesaz anything better than McDonald's french fries #mediachat

Twitter / CustomTrains: @McDonaldsCorp Our town's ...

Twitter / CustomTrains: @McDonaldsCorp Our town's ...

Lookin' good! RT @CustomTrains: @McDonaldsCorp Our McDonalds opened 1979,so excited I dressed as Ronald #mediachat

“So do my teenage sons. Go figure. RT @websuccess: @QRKim @PaulBiedermann my daughter has a clown phobia #mediachat

“Just here for some fries for #CollegeCash ... Oh look! Shakes! RT @StephenCaggiano: @PamMktgNut Take off Your shoes. Stay awhile. #MediaChat

“RT @Mr_McFly: @McDonaldsCorp social formula? 2 all beef Twitters special sauce Facebook cheese pickles onions on a Pinterest bun #mediachat

“Even behind the clown makeup. RT @QRKim: RT @McDonaldsCorp : @websuccess We're real people, too :) We're a fun brand! #mediachat

“RT @PamMktgNut Ha ha @StephenCaggiano #MediaChat has two all beef patties,special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on sesame seed bun”

“Hmmm... let me see what I can do. RT @JodiOkun: good thing, if you stop by next door I am looking for some fries #mediachat #CollegeCash”

“Love 'em - great focused, higher level convo. @CASUDI: @LeighSDaniels value of G+ communities #mediachat

“Thx Robert-need to explore that more. RT @MediaLabRat: once you get used to it, who could go back to TweetBlah? ;) @annereuss #mediachat

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