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“It sounds like our #newfollower @beckwoodpress has a herculean story to tell. We know we will be impressed!”

“To shed some light on the subject; we like that @ReedsFerry is a #newfollower.”

“Our fine #newfollower @RatchetStrapsco has buckled down and given us some interesting things to read! Thank you.”

“Welcome to our #newfollower @BigGreenEggInc ! We don't need to grill them for information, we'll just follow their feed...”

“We are glad their scans lead @Sigma_Imaging to become a #newfollower. Welcome to Twitter!”

“This is not just hot air; we are inflated with joy that @IndianaOxygen is a #newfollower! #truckpuns Thank you.”

“We hope we are coming in loud and clear: welcome to our #newfollower @_VERICOM_ ! Thank you very much, and have a great week.”

“We think our #newfollower @sheehyinc will be fitting right in with what we like to read about. Thank you!”

“We are fired up that @Propanetanks is a #newfollower! More chances to grill some hot dogs. Thank you!”

“If @IMTRADEdoo had to move the earth to become our #newfollower, they have the machines to do it. Thank you!”

“Anyone can see that @clearviewbag is a #newfollower that has it all in the bag. Thank you!”

“Gauging by what we already see, @cerrowire_ed is going to be a livewire as #newfollower. Thank you!”

“Now we know we rock! @EldoradoStone is a #newfollower. Thank you, and have a great weekend.”

“We are betting our #newfollower @Welding_IOC will have tweets that will have us attached to our feed. Thank you!”

“There is no special coating on this one: we are thrilled @WatsonGrinding is a #newfollower! Have a great day. #truckpun”

“There was a sign: it told us that @adsystemled was a #newfollower! Thank you very much.”

“We'd like to thank the cool-as-a-cucumber people at @KOSTUSA for being a #newfollower. Thank you!”

“It is a big event for us: @GilbertDisplays is a #newfollower! We know they could make something great for it. Thank you!”

“Things must have lined up just right. @HaydonKerk is a #newfollower. Enjoy your week!”

“We're sure our #newfollower @thymlyProducts tweets won't be half baked. #truckpuns #baking”

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