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Freight Shipping 101: Understanding Common Shipping Terms

Freight Shipping 101: Understanding Common Shipping Terms

Our friends, @shipperoodotcom, wrote a great piece on #shipping terminology. We think you'll find it helpful too!

terminology tue oct 1.jpg

terminology tue oct 1.jpg

Class is in session. Terminology Tuesday is ready.

“Tuesday Terminology: What is the ACI or Advance Commercial Information program?

“Tuesday Terminology Quiz - what is Tare Weight? #shipping”

“Answer to Tuesday Terminology: Over-dimensional freight are loads outside the height & width of normal equipment: ”

“Tuesday Freight Terminology: What does it mean when a shipment is over-dimensional?”

“Tuesday Terminology! What material handling device is also known as a jeep, lift truck, tow motor, or hi-lo?”

“Answer to Tuesday Terminology: If you need your freight delivered in a specific time frame choose Hourly Window on your BOL.”

“Tuesday Freight Terminology! What is guaranteed hourly window service?”

Freight Glossary

Freight Glossary

Answer to Tuesday Terminology! Intermodal is freight shipped using more than one mode - train, plane, truck for ex.

“Tuesday Terminology - Did you know we're an intermodal transportation specialist? What does that mean?”

“Tuesday Terminology. We have several types of equipment available with our guaranteed services. What is a straight truck?”

“Tuesday Terminology: Our little truck has been traveling through London recently. What do drivers call a semi truck in London?”

“Tuesday Terminology: We can integrate our shipping tools into your website using an API. What is an API?”

“Tuesday Terminology! It's almost #ValentinesDay & many of you will give or receive flowers, which may require a reefer. What is that?”

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