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“RT @Iamdecaphfe: @SATVads If #only #the #people #who #drink #Savannah #were as #smart as #their #ads”

Twitter / hermancta: Why does Morgan Freeman drink ...

Twitter / hermancta: Why does Morgan Freeman drink ...

RT @hermancta: Why does Morgan Freeman drink from an obvious empty coffeecup in #Discovery channel ad? Just looks wrong! @SATVads

“RT @bonixaba: The Mainstay adverts are so posh! Yatchs and all! Who drinks it? @Satvads

“RT @ShellsPemBroke: Brutal Fruit is nothing more than a gateway drink.”

“RT @dailymaverick: Fact of the Day: George Clooney uses his coffee ad fee to fund satellite surveillance of war criminal Omar al-Bashir. We'll drink to that!”

“RT @LazGola: The problem here is that Bafana DIDNT drink Power Horse...”

“RT @robboma3: Why has no one named an alcoholic drink "Responsibly" yet?

Theres free advertising f***ing everywhere!”

“RT @Siya_THATguy: The importance of image in alcohol advertising is best understood by CastleLite and Heineken. Their ads make you wanna drink those beers!”

“RT @TonyCowards: If I was a brewer I'd call my drink "Responsibly", that way all the other companies would have to mention it at the end of their adverts.”

“RT @sithembisoma: Skhothane's do. RT"@shakasisulu: Do us black folks that drink still 'pour out a little liquor' before we get into it?"”

“RT @HipHopPantsula: "@RealmYlo: RT @HipHopPantsula #OldSchoolBrandsiHaventUsedInAges Drink O' Pop" eish, Varsity days”

“RT @maksthaby: Nothing tastes like fresca RT @SimplyKage: Pinenut"@maksthaby: @HipHopPantsula #OldSchoolBrandsiHaventUsedInAges drink ya fresca!"”

“RT @thenj_m: Yoh! Krest was the best RT @HipHopPantsula: RT @Disqo_ZA: #OldSchoolBrandsiHaventUsedInAges Drink ya krest cc @HipHopPantsula

The Real Bears | Unhappy truth Soft dri...

The Real Bears | Unhappy truth Soft dri...

The cute video soft drink companies don't want you to see - The Real Bears

“RT @za_meme: @NyikoTheGreat @djsbu If you are advertising the drink as paid endorsers or you own shares in the company you also have disclose that”

“RT @sandilemark: The Lucozade Ad is on point not the drink thou”

“RT @justiceleshilo: Have you realise that alcohol adverts on TV are creative,and bring with em good actors as compared to soft/fizzy drinks @SATVads

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