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+bazillion RT @OptioneerJM: RT @Easy_Branches: I just endorsed @OptioneerJM as Generous on TrustCloud!

“+bazillion~> RT @autom8: @SMSJOE mobile flag bearers r us!”

“+bazillion back atcha RT @Josepf: always great to talk to my #usguys friend @SMSJOE #Coffeeclub original with waves to @myagenda

“+bazillion like virus caught&spread ;-) RT @Mr_McFly: @jgombita truth. The culture needs to be set from within. cc: @SMSJOE #brandchat”

“+bazillion RT @nitinSPEAKs @sharonmostyn thanks SHaron for taking the charge ! :-) thoughts/prayers to @ambercleveland #smchat”

“+bazillion RT @jgombita: @SMSJOE and you mean wine (definitely not whine) taste and expertise c @JennGHanford . ;-)”

“+bazillion RT @StacyLeidwinger A9: If used correctly improving - if only using data to justify doing the same, no one wins #cxo”

“+bazillion RT @rababkhan: @danperezfilms Sending good vibes for you and Madelyn today. #usguys”

“+bazillion RT @mdbarber A4 -- no more silos. Work together and understand you are a team. Right @cloudspark? #smchat #solopr”

“+bazillion RT @stephencaggiano: It was awesome to see everyone last night! @carybranscum @JeffBelonger @JennGHanford @MrShri #UsGuys”

bazillion RT @ambercleveland @jgombita thanks Judy:) Jump in if you'd like and if you don't, that's ok too. Always happy to see u #SMChat”

“+bazillion ;-) RT @ErnieHuber: @SMSJOE Keep it simple, right? Re-think!! Dont need to keep cramming more functionality in #smchat”

“Exactly!! +bazillion RT @ajmunn: @autom8 if we start with advertising mindset we risk excluding everything that sets mobile apart #smchat”

“+bazillion RT @clearaction: Customers will quit giving you fdbk (& $) if they dont perceive youre acting on what they say #cxo”

“+bazillion RT @_kimrandall: @SMSJOE Never hurts to reach out to your brand advocates :) #smchat”

“+bazillion RT @Spafloating: @SMSJOE A8 interface with smooth accuracy. Make order/form fill/completion simple #usxsw”

“+bazillion RT @pisarose: @jgombita Just as it should be, Judy. That's one of the things we all love about you! @SMSJOE

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