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“RT @KerryGorgone: Thanks for a great #BlogChat, @johnjwall! Look forward to talking with you for @MarketingProfs! :) ll watch”

“great advice RT @johnjwall: Know you weaknesses and work around them, I can't go to press without an editor. #blogchat

“yep RT @danperezfilms: @profkrg Or just write really good stuff - then you won't have to worry so much about design ;-) #blogchat

“RT @johnjwall: Copy can never be too tight, but this is can be contrary to conversational tone. Get your Art on. #blogchat

“MT+9RT @marketingveep #chats remain the single best biz benefit on Twitter. my faves like #blogchat #smchat.900+ catalogued by @TheChatDiary

Is Your Blog Built To Last?

Is Your Blog Built To Last?

RT @heidicohen: Is Your Blog Built To Last? 7 Elements Your Blog Needs to Succeed #blogchat #content #mmchat

“RT @heidicohen: Where possible use responsive design. NOTE: Some WP themes include responsive design. #smchat #blogchat #smchat”

“RT @collinkromke: @BeckyMcCray @SMSJOE @CarrieWilkerson That sounded like the title for a country song! #blogchat s a hit”

“informed rant! RT @doomzTO: @BruceSallan I rarely rant without empirical evidence to back up what Im ranting about. I like data :D #blogchat

“nice~> a slow break ;-) RT @doomzTO: @blogcatalog @SMSJOE @BruceSallan It becomes more of a thesis on WHY Im angry. LOL. #blogchat

“sad but true RT @doomzTO: @blogcatalog @BruceSallan There ARE those who make a living off of being angry, though! #blogchat

“RT @Dayngr: @cmcoto Passion is good, but passion with purpose is even better! #blogchat @joshleatherman @CarrieWilkerson #blogchat

“sage advice indeed ~> RT @BruceSallan: @doomzTO - best advice: whenEVER you are angry, sleep on it! #blogchat

“RT @robpetersen: For small biz, every blogpost is adding a new page to ur website,& more keywords for search engines to find you #blogchat

“RT@CASUDI:YES, someone said start with why are you blogging? For small biz I mentor = always relationship building >selling later #blogchat

“LOL yep RT @BeckyMcCray: @SMSJOE @CarrieWilkerson my cows are in Oklahoma. :) #blogchat

“is she Texan? RT @CarrieWilkerson: LOL @beckymccray: Bonus points to @CarrieWilkerson for the cattle reference during #blogchat

“Post consistently once you start RT @kelseymcf: any suggestions for new bloggers? #blogchat

“Really important~> RT @jenlynndewey: @CoreyFreeman also happens to help SEO too! People search questions! #blogchat

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