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“ok thnx RT @prosperitygal: OMG Have I got a recipe for #Usguys and coffee -OMFG you can say thank you all at once ;)”

“higher IQ? ;-) RT @BrandonEBC: @loiscreamer How does #Coffee and #Bacon affect our brains? :) #UsGuys @KPMarshFearless

“A2 absolutely I buy my coffee with my phone #smchat”

Sandy Hubbard

Sandy Hubbard

your hired! RT @sandyhubbard: I just added coffee drinking as a skill on my LinkedIn profile. Why not! #usguys

“A4 Dunkin created a Dunkin Run app to make it easier for someone to pick up coffee etc for others in the office #smchat”

“A3 I like the idea of the preorder they are testing maybe that will speed up lines for the coffee drinkers!! #smchat”

“always!! thnx Heidi RT @heidicohen: Late morning #coffee anyone? I'm pouring #usguys @SMSJOE @StephenCaggiano Thedavereynolds”

“off to a good start #coffee check ;-) RT @MrShri: @GoSocialSA @StephenCaggiano @SMSJOE long long Monday here :-) how about you? #UsGuys”

“always about to turn in here RT @MrShri: @GoSocialSA @StephenCaggiano @SMSJOE good morning! Who wants coffee? #UsGuys”

“LOL yep I prefer 800 RT @rmalove: @sandyhubbard @SMSJOE Because even I'M only so desperate when the coffee is 1,000 degrees...”

“RT @sandyhubbard: enjoying a spot of coffee, I mean a POT of coffee. #usguys @DixieLil @myagenda @TrentBown @MatthewLiberty @TheDaveReynolds

“MT what he said ;-) RT @ImMarkBernhardt: @TheOneCrystal Sleep would be a good thing. But, now that you're up anyway, try coffee. #UsGuys”

“wow I'm in ;-) RT @coolaquarius: Now everyone can tweet a coffee through @Starbucks Woohoo!!! #earlyadopter #usguys”

“I have no idea who are you? ;-) RT @LewisPoretz: Who the heck are these #UsGuys anyways? - - #Tribe #Community #Coffee #Family”

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