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The cost of poor customer service

The cost of poor customer service

A good customer experience can be a differentiator #custexp #CXO

Customer-Centricity is Controversial

Customer-Centricity is Controversial

Customer centricity may be controversial but it's worth exploring #CXO #custexp

“A7 Change of mindset first then processes will follow as appropriate #cxo

“A6 culture and curiosity key I am sure lots of trial and error involved 2 build then maintain #cxo

“A6 tempo timing telling a story with insights all important #cxo

“A6 Relevance, control come to mind Amazon does this for me #cxo

“A2 leveraging A1 elements #cxo

“A1 mindset = helping , hospitality, guest #cxo

“A1 customized experience tailored to interests e.g Amazon #cxo

“A1 Seamless experience across all channels, response to needs, #cxo

Is Starbucks a technology company in disguise?

Is Starbucks a technology company in disguise?

#custexp #CXO design results in utility for customers~engagement & revenue for companies a win/win

“A5 monitor trends allow for context #cxo

“A4 bring real world examples of feedback good/bad to substantiate points #cxo

“A4 Insight via stories is a good way to begin not just bullets/data dumps #cxo

“A3 Listening and asking questions, being curious helps in understanding and collaboration #cxo

“A3 Guidelines, collaboration and empowerment come to mind #cxo

“A2 has to be embedded in the culture - hire, training, collaborating all connected #cxo

“A1 Technology, social are a couple of key drivers #cxo

“A1 New landscape customer has so many options - constantly evolving requires focus to stay in touch #cxo

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