Dinner Tweets by @SMSJOE

“Had some for dinner last night it was delicious RT @prosperitygal: Wishing I had a pot of chili cooked #usguys”

“yes it does RT @jgombita: @SJAbbott Culture eats strategy for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. Right @SMSJOE? c @GreenChileAdict #HBRogue”

“RT @bmkatz Try sitting at the dinner table with your family or fiends, it's a challenge for people to not look at their devices #smchat”

“to work off the meal? ;-) RT @LeahShortie @SMSJOE open table for yoga classes? I use it for dinner reservations all the time. #smchat”

“don't be surprised if @jgombita shows up seeing culture ref she'll want to say that it eats strategy for dinner #smchat”

“& of course it eats strategy for dinner, brkfast..RT @csinkus: @SMSJOE @jgombita Dare I say that it is also corporate #Cultural #usguyschat”

“any extra Charlie? RT @hashtracking: @media_chat @kilby76 coming soon cookin some rad dinner for the horde! #mediachat”

“and yes @jgombita we will work in culture as it has strategy for lunch/dinner and breakfast #usguyschat”

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