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“sweet nectar of life ;-) RT @GoSocialSA: @DixieLil @MrShri @StephenCaggiano @kgup10 @cbs_cindy @bMi2 Now you're talkin' Joe! ;) #Usguys”

“you are most welcome Craig RT @CraigMJamieson: @SMSJOE thanks, Joe and also for LinkedIn!”

“MT ;-) will pray to this endRT @TrentBown: Good morning & thanks Joe! Crossing my fingers for a problem free day. #UsGuys”

Joe here (Richmond) helping clients create Raving Fans #smchat”

“Travel safe Marsha RT @MarshaCollier: @SMSJOE (waving hello as I change planes at DFW - thanks Joe) @MargieClayman

“I undertand! ;-) RT @Hoovers: @SMSJOE Same here, Joe! Hard to find time to chat sometimes.”

“*high five* RT @MissDestructo: @SMSJOE You rock Joe. I'm so glad you are tuning in! #unscrambled”

The Fractal Stream

The Fractal Stream

RT @smUnscrambled: Joe! Can you listen today at 1:30PM ET? Our guest is @MissDestructo. Use #unscrambled & Listen:

H.E.B., Trader's Joe's, Chick-fil-A and Publix ...

H.E.B., Trader's Joe's, Chick-fil-A and Publix ...

H.E.B., Trader's Joe's, Chick-fil-A and Publix Earn Top Customer Experience ... - MarketWatch | @scoopit

“wuld luv that RT @MerlinUWard: hi Joe! You should join us next time. @TedCurtin @OneJillian @MimiOrtega @kevinGEEdavis @dinodogan

“afternoon Joe here reporting for duty from sunny Richmond VA #smchat”

“Thanks Amber and the very same to you!! RT @ambercleveland: @SMSJOE Great to see you Joe. Happy Holidays! #SMChat”

“working on warm & dry here Brandie RT @lttlewys: Anytime, Joe! Doin well, thanks! Tryin to stay warm! And, you?”

“Thanks Stephen and the very same to you! RT @LoudyOutLoud: Very good, Joe! Happy holidays to you. #usguys”

“very memorable holiday here Carl RT @CarlSorvino: @SMSJOE Ha! Thanks Joe. Hope everyone had a great holiday.”

“doing well, nice holiday how are you? RT @Sherree_W: @SMSJOE Hi Joe! How are things? #usguys”

“Thanks friend how have you been? RT @marksalke: @SMSJOE Happy Friday, Joe! #FF”

“you are my friend staying out of trouble? RT @LewisPoretz: @SMSJOE what's happening Joe ?”

“I never doubted it for a moment Kelli RT @marketingveep: @SMSJOE @sourcePOV @IamOkema thank you, Joe. I really mean it. :)”

“You are my first thought when I see too ;-) RT @jgombita: @SMSJOE I see corporate culture and I immediately think JOE!”

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