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“Good to catch up I must head off to climb a small mountain of paperwork Cheers everyone Happy Holidays~New Year #kaizenbiz

“A2 Seems to be a lot of building - residential and community - residence/shops like little cities #kaizenbiz

“A2 Seems to be pretty thin edge between success/trouble here I am cautiously optimistic #kaizenbiz

“I like flexibility of tablets but if starting again I would probably choose MacBook Air #kaizenbiz

“Win 8.1 seems to be drawing quite an Apple crowd #kaizenbiz

“A1 I tend to download automatically because I use a lot of apps etc. I assume keeps things running smoothly tho not always #kaizenbiz

“Any mac users downloaded Maverick yet? #kaizenbiz

“nice to see familiar faces - afternoon all #kaizenbiz

“LOL Stop, drop and roll have a great weekend @CASUDI @MelissaGalt #kaizenbiz

“I'll go with this RT @CathyWebSavvyPR @3keyscoach It depends on the story, the culture it is rooted in, and who is hearing it. #kaizenbiz

“me too RT @CASUDI @pprothe memorable is key I agree A4 #kaizenbiz

“A4 achievement, struggle, weakness, collaboration #kaizenbiz

“A4 It can help focus, model or emulate behaviors #kaizenbiz

“A4 we are wired for stories #kaizenbiz

“RT@CathyWebSavvyPR A3 although 1 novel way of gaining success might be looking at Success stories in industries OTHER than yr own #kaizenbiz

“RT @CASUDI @MelissaGalt @Ken_Rosen @shashib @jbondre Doing nothing can be proactive in certain situations :-) #kaizenbiz

“A3 Nice to know we often share challenges #kaizenbiz

“Check ;-) RT @shashib @ZimanaAnalytics #kaizenbiz You have to take at least 15 minutes of your day to do nothing”

“RT @SJAbbott A3 We learn that adversity isn't bad. We learn that innovation probably starts with people not believing you. #kaizenbiz

“U & @SJAbbott are on the same page RT @CASUDI A3 I actually think we learn more from stories about #FAIL biz #kaizenbiz

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