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“Hi Beth Have a great day RT @BethGrangerSays: Good morning #usguys #mediachat #linkedinchat (peeps I like to tweet with)”

“i'll walk u 2 your car RT @BethGrangerSays: Jumping out - early AM tomorrow. #tweetdreams all #mediachat peeps #mediachat

“In real life RT @FrancesOrtiz: What is IRL ?#mediachat #mediachat

“agree RT @CASUDI: @sourcePOV Pent up demand to connect (IRL) mediachat

“RT @wordwhacker: @Leah_Dyck @ideabloke But who has all the answers? mediachat

“does anyone have all the answers? RT @Leah_Dyck: @ideabloke having all the answers would make them MORE of a leader though #mediachat

“RT @ideabloke: @Leah_Dyck Not sure a moderator needs to have all the answers, they do need to be able to steer the convo, though. #mediachat

“A6 for me they are doesn't have to be with everyone but if not some IRL I think there is less value at least for me #mediachat

“RT @CASUDI: A5 Communities have leaders, self appointed or otherwise ~ maybe not called leader as such.~ catalyst function too #mediachat

“RT @RayJGordon: A5) Community Connectors are often Catalysts...Challengers require Referees. #mediachat

“RT @ideabloke: A5: Theres definitely value in having a solid moderator in the community to prevent hijacking, stay on course, etc #mediachat

“A5 think they need all of the above esp when debate is lively #mediachat

“yes he is!! RT @jameshicks: .@sourcePOV = a good resource to follow. #mediachat

“A4 there is value in getting to know ppl better and exchanging on different topics helps 140+140= 360 ;-) #mediachat

“agree RT @LindaSherman: The best communities have relationships both on and off line. Opportunity needs to be created. #mediachat

“RT @CASUDI: A3 Communities built on sameness are just fine, but those built on diversity have more spice IMOmediachat

“did someone say coffee? ;-) RT @elizonthego: These kinds of chats are the coffee shops of Twitter. #mediachat

“A3 most of time birds of feather but #kaizenbiz e.g. encourages diverse view/discussion teasing out ideas #mediachat

“I have seen where ppl come to sell then go RT @LovelyLu: Arent all communities on social platforms social communities? #mediachat

“yes RT @CASUDI: Communities that solve problems together/make a difference have the most steadfast glue #mediachat

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