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“RT @pamroes Q1 Purpose in Biz - personal expression, growth & biz ability to adapt, survive #Kaizenbiz #kaizenbiz”

“RT @andymci A5. Go into mobile w/ a purpose but with open mind. Early stages will be a learning experience. Don't make assumptions. #smchat”

“RT @kaizenbizchat: In 30 min, #KaizenBiz Do business buzzwords serve purpose? Enable/hamper communication? ”

“RT @Dayngr: @cmcoto Passion is good, but passion with purpose is even better! #blogchat @joshleatherman @CarrieWilkerson #blogchat”

“+100 RT @ajmunn:#africa can teach us a few things around #mobility. Done with purpose, designed to get most out of limited bandwidth #smchat”

“yep RT @marksalke: @autom8 @rynegannoe I think you gotta stop trying. Make mobile narrow purpose-driven, until hw/network catch up. #smchat”

“For purposes of our chat let's divide into three categories - Relationships follow up (Internal vs External), Platforms, Tools #usguyschat”

“A2 all of the above depends on purpose trust is key but must be relevant too #mediachat”

De-Fogging Your Business (or Career)

De-Fogging Your Business (or Career)

When we see ourselves and our purpose clearly, we move forward with confidence. via @swoodruff

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