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“Very helpful questions

“with the first question we'll try to ensure we are on the same page w/respect to term "empowerment" #smchat”

“We will try to tease out practical ideas and observations first question coming right up #smchat”

“Important to understand and be able to answer this question

“What Is Content Marketing? And 9 More Content Marketing Questions Answered via @getswayy #contentmarketing”

“First question coming up ready? #smchat”

“Some great answers to Q1 next question coming up #smchat”

“Ok folks first question coming up #smchat”

“thnx how are you? RT @CASUDI: FIVE KEY Questions for Creating Your Long Term Strategy #EQlist by @SMSJOE

“ Framing post/question for tomorrow thoughts? @autom8 @ErnieHuber @ajmunn @bmkatz @tehcobra

How Social Is Your Corporate Voice?

How Social Is Your Corporate Voice?

Framing post & questions for #smchat

“a4 getting focus off right and wrong ability to simply ask a clarifying question #kaizenbiz”

“hard to single out RT @3keyscoach Just curious...are certain industries more prone to making decisions & asking questions later? #kaizenbiz”

“more like entertaining ;-) RT @JasonSchemmel @SMSJOE Is this a rhetorical question? 0=P #kidding #smchat”

“Ok great list and examples for Q2 next question coming up #smchat”

“good point/question! RT @elanaleoni: "We're all born natural learners - ALL of us." via @nikhilgoya_l What happens? #mcoe #edreform”

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Medi...

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Medi...

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan | @scoopit via @viziblesocial

“Q1 feels like a what's the meaning of life question LOL #kaizenbiz”

“Exactly RT @sourcePOV A1. Beware the leading survey question. "Our service was awesome, wasn't it?" .. umm yeah, sure . #smchat”

“A1 Make sure questions are curious and open not veiled attempts at confirmation bias cc ;-) @jgombita #smchat”

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