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@autom8 @ajmunn @ErnieHuber #smchat mobile collaboration might make for interesting discussion”

“thanks Trent RT @TrentBown: @sharonmostyn Here you go. Ice water challenge.: cc @allierambles #SMchat

“A5 One of the challenges of viral, can catch you off guard might want to create a "what if" plan for rapid response #smchat

“A5 given social media aspect I am surprised haven't seen mobile use txt to give cc @autom8 #smchat

“A5 create helpful content facts/stories ppl can share leverage the awareness #smchat

“A4 connect people, cause and outcome #smchat

“A4 Set the story then allow audience to help create - not looking for viral looking for engagement #smchat

“A4 Study @CharityWater they are masters at it #smchat

“A3 I think an ice water selfie may be a bit cultural not sure it translates esp in poor or desert countries #smchat

“A3 Not sure how well-known ALS is globally - that might play a role #smchat

“A2 the objective of any marketing should be emotional connection I think viral is a by-product not the goal #smchat

“A2 I don't think so, can be helpful #smchat

“A1 has anyone created a public channel for folks to post? I really haven't seen that many #smchat

“A1 a friend who is a farmer had a front loader full of ice water ~>@trentbown #smchat

“RT @sharonmostyn:Joining #SMChat today? #SocialMedia & #IceBucketChallenge @ajmunn @sourcePOV @ambercleveland @autom8

@autom8 @ajmunn @ErnieHuber Interesting application of mobile for engaging fans #smchat

“RT @autom8: #smchat today 1pm_et on mobile app development projects @smsjoe @ajmunn @ErnieHuber @tehcobra @nurph

“afterparty RT @hojomo: @AnjleeB @SMSJOE Do we know how to plan a Social Media Roadshow, or don't we? ;) #SMChat could continue in the bar!”

“UNT folks welcome anytime we chat every Wed at this time #smchat

“A4 great opportunity to observe behaviors as they are occurring vs focus group environment #smchat

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