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“SURFER's Google+ Hangout with Big-Wave Champion Greg Long about the Science of Big-Wave Surfing is live, join now. ”

“Join Greg Long and SURFER's @Brendon_Thomas as they meet @markfischetti in a Google Hangout about big-wave surfing. ”

“An 8.83 for de Souza's last wave. Young now needs an 8.57 to overtake Adriano. #RipCurlPro”

“A 7.5 for Nat's second wave. He now needs a 6.73 to overtake de Souza. #RipCurlPro”

“Occy is claiming Nat Young's last wave will be in the 8.0 range. Stay tuned. #RipCurlPro”

“Adriano takes an early heat lead by posting a 7.0 on his first wave. #RipCurlPro”

“Jordy Smith needs an 8.91 to regain lead after de Souza replaced his 8.77 with a 9.17. Smith's last wave is close to an 8.91. #RipCurlPro”

“de Souza overtakes Smith by earning an 8.77 on his last wave. #RipCurlPro”

“First score for Jordy Smith, a 9.53. Adriano's yet to catch a solid scoring wave. #RipCurlPro”

“Young just caught his best wave of the heat. Occy and Taylor Knox think it will be higher than a 7.13. #RipCurlPro”

“But Taj just caught a wave that will put him back in the lead. Expect to see a mid-range score. #RipCurlPro”

“Young moves into the lead after earning a 6.30 on his last wave. #RipCurlPro”

“Solid rail surfing earns Jordy Smith a 7.5 on his last wave. Toledo now needs a 7.14 to regain lead. #RipCurlPro”

“Jordy received a 6.33 on his first wave and only needs a 3.71 to overtake Toledo with 16 minutes to go. #RipCurlPro”

“Filipe Toledo moves into the lead after earning a 6.70 on his lat wave. #RipCurlPro”

“Good score on the way for Jordy Smith's opening wave. #RipCurlPro”

“Young catches another good wave that will likely replace his 6.50. #RipCurlPro”

“Had Cardoso pulled the finishing maneuver on his last wave, he'd likely be in the lead right now. #RipCurlPro”

“Young moves back into the lead after earning a 6.50 on his last wave. #RipCurlPro”

“Cardoso moves into the lead after earning a 5.60 on his second wave. #RipCurlPro”

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