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“RT @ZacharyHanz: @ShellyKramer A4: CTA! Your goal is action, not reading. And ONE action. Drive them somewhere, make it obvious and easy. #contentchat

“Thanks for having me @jenisefryatt - and thanks to everyone who participated today #contentchat

“If you're in the B2B space, look to pubs like @b2community for great info on #email #mktg #contentchat

Email Marketing - Marketing Resources by Topic : MarketingProfs

Email Marketing - Marketing Resources by Topic : MarketingProfs

A5 @marketingprofs has GREAT resources for learning more about effective #email #marketing #contentchat

“A5 Purveyors of #email svcs can be great resources. Like @exacttarget @mailchimp for example #contentchat

“RT @JeniseFryatt: A4 - As a receiver of a marketing email, I want it to look like someone had me in mind when they wrote it. #contentchat

“RT @GemmaPhelan: Would like to hear your opinions on frequency of emails/newsletters? #contentchat

“A4 Make your calls to action in #email campaigns simple, quick and easy #contentchat

“RT @NRCUK: Have the content link to dynamic content on landing page so it offers a journey, more of an experience than a sell #contentchat

“RT @scottlum: A4: Re-imagine your email program - think mobile, digital and social integration. #contentchat

“Let's hear yours ---> Q4 - What are the most important elements of effective email marketing? #contentchat

“V True --> @ShareOMarketing: A4 simplicity! simplicity! simplicity! (what do you want them to do, then make it easy to do that) #contentchat

“RT @ZacharyHanz: A3 Poor use of personalization. Don't make it look like Mad Libs just to have it there. Give it real thought. #contentchat

“So true --> @GemmaPhelan: A4. One important element is that the email tone of voice is consistent with your brand/social #contentchat

“A4 For great #email content ask your sales + cust svc teams what their most common questions are. Answer them in #email #contentchat

“A4 Design #email for devices and not just for consumption on computers #contentchat

“A4 As mentioned by @nrcuk use personas to dive deeper into your customer base, develop #email messaging based on that #contentchat

“A4 Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation. Always continue to refine your list #contentchat

“A4 What are most important elements of effective #email #marketing campaigns? Let's hear it #contentchat

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