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“RT @Sunrun: But to govt and regulators, we can often stand together #solarchat

“RT @risleyranch: A7: No. Different prospects, different benefits, different messages. Work bottom up, not top down, IMO. #solarchat

“RT @EcoOutfitters: A7 A unified message would eliminate much existing market confusion #SolarChatsolarchat

“A7 Single message is tricky and nearly impossible to make happen. Focus on key benefits for customers and your biz #solarchat

“RT @PVRackingLLC: I think testimonials speak loudly - look at the success of @SolarReviewsCom #solarchat

“RT @ecoSolargy: @EcoOutfitters A6: Share before and after shots describing the process and the expected results! #solarchat

“A6 Use lead gen and marketing automation tools. @marketo @eloqua etc might work for your biz #solarchat

“A6 Don't tell the same stories everywhere and make sure they are not always about you. Focus on customers #solarchat

“RT @SolarIndustry: A6 Images are important to create memorable content. Especially company pics rather than stock photos. #solarchat

“RT @CarlSiegrist: A6 Need to know targeted consumer psychographics in order to grab their attention & turn them on. #SolarChat #solarchat

“RT @bradmarley: A6: Give advice on a particular issue, address pain point in your industry, reply to media coverage.#solarchat

“RT @ZepSolar: A6 Keep content concise, informative and entertaining. solarchat

“RT @GM: A6 We focus on easy to understand storytelling that gives our audience a behind the scenes view of #solar at @GM #solarchat

“A5 Integrate with cust svc & sales team and they'll help u address what customers want to know in your content efforts #solarchat

“RT @SolarRosana: Q6 find out what people's questions and concerns are and blog about those. #SolarChat #solarchat

“A5 You don't launch a blog and get instant readers. You have to work to build a network, provide value, make friends. #solarchat

“RT @TheSolarCo: RT @RisleyRanch: Q5: Strategy before technology. Target before tactics. #solarchat <-- word!”

“RT @AllanaSF: A5 Keep it really easy to consume on the go as we become more and more dependant on mobile #solarchat <so true!”

“RT @PanelClaw: A5 Twitter is an excellent way to interact with many stakeholders and keep the conversation going! #SolarChat #solarchat

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