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“No matter what comes your way, don't let it eat you away. ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Each dream begins with a first step, SO, Love, Believe & Have Faith in your dreams ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Life's obstacles make you stronger and are like those invisible steps in disguise which help you grow ~ M. Faizan #MFZS”

“Love, Faith, Hope and Will are our greatest assets, always keep them by your side, no matter the times ~ M. Faizan #quote”

“Clear your souls and lighten your hearts, always forgive yourself, others & forget ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Do what you believe in with all your Love, Will and Compassion and don't ever fear failure ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Always be Grateful towards God and be humbled when you see and feel His blessings upon you ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Be yourself, embracing your true self is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your heart & soul ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Wake up with a smile, that's your private sunshine ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Man has been blessed with power, not to control the nature & the environment, but be one with it ~ M. Faizan #environment”

“Do everything from ur heart, with Lots of Love, a pinch of Will, a spoonful of Determination & see magic unfold~M.Faizan

“Never hold back or fear speaking the Truth. It is the blessing which can never be hidden and sets your heart free ~M. Faizan

“Look into yourself, you are much more than you can imagine … ~M. Faizan #MFZS #quote”

“Efforts that flow from the heart are a most refreshing feat for the soul ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

“Truly, the things that we acquire through patience, remain with us forever ~ M. Faizan #quote #MFZS”

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