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“Wow! rt @sadknob: Many of you may not know it, but the Oscar winner last night for best doc short subject was "Inocente"- "kickstarter" film”

Amanda 's Twitter Photo

Amanda 's Twitter Photo

RT @LAlupusLady: The "Heavenly" earrings by @SueanneShirzay I wore to the #omgInsider Oscars Party! #GlamFab

#Oscar Worthy Earrings by @SueanneShirzay Jewelry

#Oscar Worthy Earrings by @SueanneShirzay Jewelry

#Oscar Worthy Earrings

“It doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life. It just matters that you get up. - Ben Affleck #oscars

“LOL RT @carlreiner: A lucky performer is one who is not scheduled to follow Jennifer Hudson. #Oscars

“Streisand! #oscars How nice of her.”

“Is it just me or did that song have audio problems? #oscars

“RT @eyewitnessnyc: RT if you're happy Anne Hathaway won #Oscars

“RT @steveburgess1: Apparently the tie was based on hair. #Oscars

“These artists and their long hair. Oh. Oops. #oscars

“#whatshesaid rt "@LovelyLu: @RealHughJackman You should sing and dance at every #Oscars show."”

“Okay, that was worth watching the #oscars for. #lesmiserables”

“Perfect. #oscars

“RT @LovelyLu: John Travolta looks so handsome - like his old self!!! #Oscars

“The Dame nailed it. #oscars

“RT @waitwait: There isn't a unit of time small enough to describe the cuts of Timothy Dalton in the Bond montage. #oscars

“No jaws music for hair and makeup. They will end you. #oscars

“RT @1clevercupcake: @SueanneShirzay agree
Looks like she's being strangled by her own dress:/

“Neck on Salma's dress is too overpowering for her proportions. #eredcarpet #oscars

FashionweekNYC's Twitter Photo

FashionweekNYC's Twitter Photo

Love. Rt "@FashionweekNYC: Here is Nicole Kidman looking Stunning in @LwrenScott Gown #Oscars "

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