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“RT @SeanRLoh: @TMarcJones @BaronVonClutch 915 5spd gearbox replaced the 901 availible in 911s from 1975 to 1987 #Lolas #Motorama #VnRChat

“RT @VictoryReseda: As we stated here tonight, Minnesota and the Upper Midwest has a great #carmmunity - perhaps this is a good place for this work #VnRChat

“RT @BaronVonClutch: @VictoryReseda @TMarcJones haha Thanks for Having Us! :-) #Motorama #VnRChat

“RT @VictoryReseda: A programming note: #MoparChat is on with @MoparUnlimited hosting tomorrow at 9PM ET and #Motorama is on Wednesdays at 9PM ET #VnRChat

“RT @VictoryReseda: Thanks to @TMarcJones of #Motorama and @BaronVonClutch of the BBC :) for joining in tonight's #VnRChat

“RT @BaronVonClutch: @TMarcJones @VictoryReseda Keeping costs down is the main concern. Hopefully that can be sorted soon. Variety is needed. #IndyCar #VnRChat

“RT @BaronVonClutch: @TMarcJones Yeah. That's the big reason why #LMP1s are going away. Too cost prohibitive / lack of competition. #VnRChat

“RT @BaronVonClutch: @TMarcJones 2014 is mecca for racing fans. Just New Everything. #VnRChat

“RT @BaronVonClutch: @TMarcJones The #Maybach. "You Could've had it so much better... With a Rolls Royce Phantom." #VnRChat

“I would like the to see the Mark III CTS RT @VictoryReseda: So, what's everyone waiting to see? #VnRChat

“RT @realmudmonster: Tonight, I decided to announce that I would be changing my twitter handle from @RealMudmonster to @LaMudmonster #VnRChat

“RT @VictoryReseda: @TMarcJones Yep! Looks like I may have a date with BIR this year...stay tuned! #VnRChat

“RT @VictoryReseda: Welcome to #VnRChat - we are live again from the Twin Cities! I am your host Randy Stern. Let's get to it!”

“RT @chadkirchner: 5 minutes... #VnRChat

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