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“A2. When posting pics of historic building features, try #architecture, #design, #builtheritage, #decorativearts & #decor. #awcchat

“A2. If you have a microbrewery scene in town, we recommend using #craftbeer. #awcchat

“RT @AWCchat: Anyone blogging MUST know about Jakob Nielsen / @nngroup. How people read online (1997!) #awcchat

“RT @AWCchat: There are keywords for photos as well. It's called the ALT tag. Always fill it out! Helps SEO & accessibility, too. #awcchat

“A1. What sort of image(s), graphics or video will add to the storytelling or informational punch of the blog post? #awcchat

“A4. If you want to connect w/locals then hashtag search/research on Instagram is key. #awcchat

“SEO tip - we're built on WordPress & use the All-in-One SEO plugin. Gold! #awcchat

“A2. Keywords: for ex, if your destination has visitors looking at wild birds, you know the term is "birding" not "birdwatching." #awcchat

“A2. Keyword tools for SEO - also trust your local knowledge. Sometimes there are words/slang that you know only locals use. #awcchat

“Jump in! ---> RT @AWCchat: Here's Q1 - How do you include SEO considerations when you create online content? #awcchat

“A1. We've guest hosted #blogchat collectively & individually, & I run #awcchat for @AWCConnect association. ^S #tourismchat”



Re: audio content & podcasts. Love the Okracast from @potlikker: #awcchat #TTOT

Great Big Small Business Show

Great Big Small Business Show

RT @SheilaS: Back in the day: my friend @BeckyMcCray ran the Great Big Small Business Show podcast w/ @ChrisBrogan #awcchat

“RT @AWCchat: Here's Q2 - Podcasting, like blogging & LinkedIn, is about to become the old "new" thing. Discuss. #awcchat

“RT @AWCchat: Always ask before you get into ANY social media platform: "Is my market there? Do I have resources to do it well?" #awcchat

“Yes, b/c it rocks for SEO. RT @AWCchat: Here's Q4 - Are any of you using the original photo-sharing platform, @Flickr? #awcchat

“R-O-freakin'-I. RT @carannmcc: @VisitSavannah - They rock at social media. Big reason I visited in December. #AWCchat

Visit Savannah is visitsavannah on Pinterest

Visit Savannah is visitsavannah on Pinterest

A2. An early Pinterest adopter in tourism - @VisitSavannah - #awcchat

“RT @AWCchat: 3 hours till #awcchat on social photography (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) 1130am CST; anyone can participate!”

Twitter / AWCchat: Time management reality check ...

Twitter / AWCchat: Time management reality check ...

RT @AWCchat: Time management reality check courtesy @ImTheQ. #awcchat

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