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“Put it on your calendars! RT @tourismchat: Next #tourismchat is in 2 weeks, Thurs Oct 16. ”

“+1 RT @lelandstrott: A big part of our audience is local, which doesn't change what we do. We still want people out exploring! #tourismchat

“Hmmm.... RT @jeremyawilliams: What if main user of your app is locals? How does that change what your app does? #tourismchat

“Still time to jump into the chat! RT @tourismchat: Q6: What are your goals/objectives for mobile marketing? #tourismchat

“A5. An app will be used in the location, so tell them what's around them, where to eat, local faves, "did you know." #tourismchat

“A5. If you have an app (or the budget to make one) then it must tell the visitor what's available around them. Yelp-ify it. #tourismchat

“A4. Apps mean more money to spend for [we think] rather negligible return given need to market it, fit all phones, etc. #tourismchat

“A2. Apps are handy for things like metro/transportation systems, where you need gobs of graphics & info avail even offline. #tourismchat

“A2. Haven't found a DMO app that really rocks our socks yet. Prefer to open a browser on phone to find info. #tourismchat

“RT @davidbreisch: @Grossbauer @jeremyawilliams I should clarify, that's about 50% mobile + tablet vs. desktop (as defined by Google Analytics) #tourismchat

“Whoa! RT @davidbreisch to @Grossbauer: Mobile website visitation hovering right around 50% right now [for @VisitQuadCities.] #tourismchat

“So do visitors ---> MT @McCoolTravel: A1. Travel writers really appreciate [a responsive (mobile-friendly) DMO website.] #tourismchat

“Chat just started; jump in! RT @tourismchat: Q1: Does your DMO/company have a responsive (mobile-friendly) website? #tourismchat

“This is a souped-up group! *ducks* #tourismchat

“Hi, I'm the @SheilaS 1/3 of our team. My fave fall food is my husband @cfanch's pumpkin muffins. #tourismchat

“5 minutes till today's #tourismchat at 2pm CDT. Topic is mobile & apps. Where y'at?”

“Don't forget today's #tourismchat at 3pm CDT - topic is mobile sites & apps w/guest host @Grossbauer. See you there?”

Oct 2 #tourismchat: Mobile Site vs App | Facebook

Oct 2 #tourismchat: Mobile Site vs App | Facebook

Set an alarm! RT @tourismchat: Tomorrow's 10/2 #tourismchat is all about mobile sites & apps. 2pm CT

“+1 RT @tourismchat: Our next chat is Thursday, Oct 2, 2pm Central. See you then! #tourismchat

#tourismchat | Events

#tourismchat | Events

RT @tourismchat: Want to know when #tourismchat is scheduled? Go to our chat Facebook Page (next one is Oct 2)

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