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“Jump into the chat! RT @tourismchat: Q6: Have you used or seen creative campaigns that successfully engaged local ambassadors? #tourismchat

“RT @JoyLinDMAI: A4 Think about how you shop for travel. Where do you look, who do you trust? That's prob the place you should be engaging also. #tourismchat

“RT @tourismchat: Q1: Where do you see Destination Marketing in the next 10, 20, 30 years? #tourismchat

“20 minutes till today's #tourismchat 2pm CDT, hosted by @meetDMAI, about online media outreach, for both #DMAI14 & #NotAtDMAI. :) cc #TBEX”

“Tomorrow's 7/17 #tourismchat is hosted by @MeetDMAI & will cover influencers, ambassadors and other #DMAI14 topics. 2pm CDT.”



Big shout out for #tourismchat from @melissayaohille here at #TTIA14.

“RT @tourismchat: Here's Q5 (last one!) How do you feel about the trend of lodging options like @Airbnb? #tourismchat

“RT @MOWAKerrville: @TourismCurrents - re: regional tourism - we agree. We little guys have to band together. #tourismchat

“A3 - hosting/attending regional meetings regarding China Outbound Tourism. #tourismchat

“Certainly is huge in CA. RT @tourismchat: Believe I recall from #PRSATravel that SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is getting huge. #tourismchat

“Mud Runs have really taken off too. #tourismchat

“Also seeing more support for regional tourism marketing - seeing smaller areas team up together. #tourismchat

“Along with what @katiecook said - more "neighborhood" marketing. #tourismchat

“All sorts of technology issues here! How about with you all? #tourismchat

“RT @tourismchat: Here's Q1 - What OFF-line destination marketing trends are you seeing? #tourismchat

“Less half an hour until our @SheilaS hosts #tourismchat. Today's topic - tourism trends. See you there!”

“RT @tourismchat: Less than 30 minutes till today's chat at 2pm CDT. Topic is mid-year check on tourism trends, @SheilaS is guest host. #tourismchat

“RT @tourismchat: You've got an alarm set, right? #tourismchat is tomorrow (Thurs 6/12) at 2pm CST, w/ @SheilaS hosting, on tourism trends.”

“RT @WhosYourAnnie: #tourismchat A8: Social co-ops are still new to many. They need to offer solid benefits and partners need to see a clear plan.”

“Just started! RT @tourismchat: Welcome to today's #tourismchat! Today's topic is community management.”

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