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“Browser bookmark bar, drafts in gmail, favorites on twitter, Readability Send to Kindle - The various ways in which I procrastinate reading”

“It's a lot easier to be a feminist on twitter than to do the dishes. #FeminismForMen101”

“RT @NameFieldmt: A century from now, people will quote from The Book of Twitter. And these two fellows shouting at each other will feature in it.”

“RT @punditcomment: Dear Twitter-vasi, I am in the mood to crash Fashion Week in Delhi this year (13-17 March). Who can help me out with a entrance pass?”

“RT @purisubzi: People of Twitter, I have my first book out. . It's free. And it's about my travels. Download and read, please?”

“RT @nishakhot: What's it about Twitter that generates so much girlie love? Never seen women openly gush over each other as much as they do out here...”

“RT @c_aashish: One of my Twitter ambitions is to know enough about something, anything, on which I can tweet in 1/n.. n/n format, where n>2.”

Twitter has groups now. How cool and original.”

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