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“Luv em RT @MzKamarlah: There are so many 'Folarin' girls on twitter, man @Wale is on fire. @WaleNation stand up! #GetMeDoe

“Peace Baton Rouge .. Headed up to jersey #getmedoe

“RT @DanBrakeYah: @wale can freestyle on any beat and straight kill it #SightOfTheSun #Getmedoe

“NJ we rockin at club Show tonight !! #getmedoe

“In the Bx again tonight... Club eleven getmedoe

“NYC.... Griffin Tonight #getmedoe

“Kekere RT @BiggTrap: @Wale can u speak da yoruba language? #getmedoe

“Ill be at the norva this month RT @jordan_mitch1: @Wale when you coming back to VA #getmedoe

“Says. "Catfish" RT @KarminaRose: @Wale what that mouth do? 🌝🌝🌝😭😂 #getmedoe

“Tom Ford. RT @MzPretty_Me: @MzPretty_Me: What's your specific scent type that you wear (cologne, shower gel, etc)? @wale #getmedoe

“Im pushin for summer RT @foxOfficial: @Wale Lagos needs you bro. When u coming #Getmedoe#”

“Yup RT @VincentHJr: @Wale would you ever do a song with Rihanna? #GetMeDoe

“I cut back recently RT @NegroSwaqq: @wale how many times daily do you be smoking blunts ? #getmedoe

“3 dollars RT @Treetwister: @Wale #GetMeDoe How much money you made this year?”

“Absolutely not my brother RT @JayRillaaa_: @Wale Do you love these hoes?? #getmedoe

“Im a firm advocate for Polygamy RT @SpaldingMadeMe: @Wale , Will You Marry Me? #GetMeDoe

“Summer RT @RighteousOneRah: @Wale when is the next album gonna drop ? #getmedoe

“One eyed kitten song adorn getmedoe backseat freestyle quntana (@trvisXX ) RT @NiqqaFuckYoLife: @Wale whats your favorite song #getmedoe

“Horrible at it RT @Villegas1919: @Wale u fuck with FIFA?? #getmedoe

“On the tour bus RT @amaaari_: @Wale where you at right now? #getmedoe

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