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“Find an adrenaline rush every day. Advice from Sarah Frier, CFO at @Square #stanfordwomen

“Figure out the game that is being played in your organization and see how you can change rules, feedback loops. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Figure out how to solve the problems that your boss is trying to solve to become valuable to your organization. #stanfordwomen @tseelig

Denise Brosseau's Twitter Photo

Denise Brosseau's Twitter Photo

Fabulous Möbius strip model by @tseelig on what are the basics of innovation. #stanfordwomen

“So excited to hear @tseelig is creating an Entrepreneur-ship trip to Patagonia with Stanford students. #stanfordwomen

“Could you ask for someone's failure resume as pre-requisite to hiring someone? @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Stretch and train yourself to be creative and innovative. Start by creating your failure resume. #stanfordwomen @tseelig

“Everyone has the basics of innovation and creativity. Don't need a high creativity quotient. Just start. #stanfordwomen @tseelig

“Knowledge, resources, attitudes, culture, imagination, habitat are all basics of innovation. Start anywhere. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Company culture is the background music for creativity. #stanfordwomen @tseelig

“Creative culture has to nourish rapid prototyping and fast failure. Silicon Valley nurtures experimentation. #stanfordwomen @tseelig

“Flexible habitat and resources are critical in creativity. Best resources are people! #stanfordwomen @tseelig

“Create a great creative habitat - go back to kindergarten lots of space, color, collaboration. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Think of yourself as a quilter rather than a puzzle solver. Don't look for one puzzle piece - intertwine and mesh. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“You have to have the attitude and confidence that you can solve all problems. #stanfordwomen @tseelig

“Imagination is not enough. Have to start with a base of knowledge. To get knowledge -pay attention. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Int'l challenge: Students created a mural out of yard/leaves detritus and a shirt out of leftover socks. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Challenge assumptions. #stanfordwomen @tseelig as a teacher give assignments you don't know the answer to.”

“Change the question - reframe your thinking - create un-useful inventions: shoes with umbrellas on them. @tseelig #stanfordwomen

“Avoid convergent thinking when teaching math. Ask the question as ? + ? = 10 instead of 5 + 5 = ? @tseelig #stanfordwomen

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