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“A bulletin board of computer programs/websites for specific content areas; great way to remind kids what they can... ”

“Free science games and activity guides for kids from UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science - access from tablet... ”

“"Kids know more than they actually believe!" @Sguarnere @kellyc_collins on helping kids with expository writing! Help guide and brainstorm.”

“Eagles Excited About Expository! @kellyc_collins @Sguarnere "We want kids who are thinkers" ”

“RT @eLearningWatson: Let kids chat and discuss in My Big Campus! Let them learn, make mistakes while also being in a controlled environment. #MBCSA14”

42 STEM iPad Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

42 STEM iPad Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

40 STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) apps for kids.

“A3: Teachers must like kids, hard work, passionate about student success, and be a lifelong learner.willing to change when needed #moedchat”

“Are we programming our kids with computers or are they programming the computers? @audreywatters #SXSWedu”

“A great T is passionate & like kids& their success. Its all about the delivery and environment provided in their classrm. #sxswedu”

Kids use Youtube to learn anything they want, learn from others around the globe, yet it is blocked at Schools- @jcasap #sxswedu”

“What If Kids Co-Created Customized Learning Pathways? ”

“RT @KirvenTillis: @RafranzDavis word up! It will be something that I will try to encourage. I see too many kids struggle due to DISINTEREST not ability.”

“Do you find the kids handle it by making the others work? Love the rubric idea #bhflatclass”

“I think adults are worse at the bullying than kids. Have u read the fbcomments or news comments lately about celebs or others? #bhflatclass”

Top 5 Apps for Kids This Week

Top 5 Apps for Kids This Week

RT @mashable: Top 5 #Apps for Kids This Week

“Is it bad that kids are disconnected at school? Knowing how to communicate f2f is good! #edubrawl #sxswedu”

“RT @hslibrarian: Kids don't have enough unstructured time in natural spaces
Wes fryer @sxswedu @edubrawl speaks of balance in all things....”

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