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“I think @FamousFootwear is psychic. Am needing to buy school shoes for my 8 year old & suddenly they follow me on Twitter.”

“Using Twitter+hashtag to gather stories ON Twitter is very risky. Using Twitter+hashtag to drive people to act off Twitter safer. #hashchat”

“A5: Brands should also practice "Safe Hashtagging" - do homework, gauge risks. Sometimes Twitter is the driver & not the platform #hashchat”

“A5: Brands can benefit from crowdsourcing on Twitter 1st by knowing what they want to achieve & making sure its possible here. #hashchat”

“The key to a successul crowdsourcing campaign on Twitter is a way to track (hashtags, applications) & a following that will act. #hashchat”

“Crowdsourcing on Twitter isn't just activating your following but doing so for a specific purpose with a process to manage/analyze #hashchat”

“Just to reiterate, simply asking for input or action on Twitter is not crowdsourcing on Twitter. You need a process. Tools. #hashchat”

“A4: Let's start with a hashtag #Fail: McDonalds #McDStories - trying to crowdsource stories on Twitter, got bashed instead. #hashchat”

“A3: Hashtags are an essential element of crowdsourcing on Twitter. W/o a way to aggregate responses, you lose input from others. #hashchat”

“Examples of hashtags used on Twitter for action: #GivingTuesday to encourage people to donate to causes on Tuesday. #hashchat”

“A2: The type of crowdsourcing that can really work well on Twitter is crowdsourcing ACTION. #hashchat”

“Survey: Asking a question on Twitter for a quick view of sentiment. Crowdsource: Use a survey tool + hashtag tracking + assessment #hashchat”

“A2: Best places to crowdsource are large, active, responsive online communities. That may or may not be Twitter for you. #hashchat”

“A2: The big challenge of using Twitter to crowdsource today is the noise - you have to work harder to get a substantial response #hashchat”

“A2: Twitter isn't an ideal place to crowdsource unless you have several key things in place: #hashchat”

“You aren't just putting a question out there and sifting casually through responses when crowdsourcing on Twitter. #hashchat”

“It is easy to use "crowdsourcing" and "surveying" on Twitter interchangeable but there is some difference. #hashchat”

“If we zero in on crowdsourcing on Twitter using hashtags, you need an active, attentive, responsive following #hashchat”

“I think we are focusing on Twitter crowdsourcing tonight and YES, your community, empowerment, emotion, connection - IMPORTANT #hashchat”

“Just told husband I'll be doing a live #hashchat tonite on Twitter crowdsourcing w/hashtags. He heard: "Live source twatter twitching tags"”

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