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“Car rental companies. Bye Avis, Hertz...hello #sharingeconomy @getaround @zipcar #BareItAll

“I don't think 'using memes' is a viable strategy. Ends up being too forced. #BareItAll

“Can I walk and #BareItAll at the same time? We will find out.”

“Honestly, the pics from the Samsung were better. Maybe the dual usage could've helped ;) (I'm an iPhone user though) #BareItAll

“I just want to talk about Kevin Spacey at the Oscars and that's all. #BareItAll

“RT @BarrettAll: Q7: You are a large organization that is making its first big attempt on social media. What is your first step? #BareItAll

“I really want to #bareitall with @chevrolet today, but sickness and work call. See you next time!”

“Awwwwwww @mimllr bareitall

“Google Analytics!!!!!! And keyword tool. And the Internet in general. #BareItAll

“My biggest tech nightmare was when my laptop blue-screened mid-paper in the middle of the Penn State Student center. I cried. #BareItAll

“#FiveWordTechHorrors carries over to #BareItAll

“Why do I always miss the best #BareItAll days?!”

“A3: I always try to abide by the "Grandma Rule" anyway-->If you wouldn't want your grandma to see it, you prob shouldn't post it. #bareitall

“Black Friday has become too much of a social/cultural thing to be fully replaced, IMO. I'll still never do it though. I bareitall

“Ah! I almost forgot about #BareitAll! I'm not used to it being at 2. #timezones”

“Dear #bareitall I had a lunch meeting today and I miss you dearly.”

2013 TOTY Finale

2013 TOTY Finale

#TeamKayla WON Tailgate of the Year!!!!! Thanks everyone :-D so proud of my best friendsbareitall

Tailgate of the Year

Tailgate of the Year

Know what'd be cool? If my #BareItAll friends took a sec at & voted for my BFFS, #2, helping our friend fight cancer.

“Media is sick of giant launches thanks to companies overplaying it. They'd rather tell cool stories, IMO #bareitall

“I'm not sure if this is what Q6 is asking, but our latest launch was HUGE in our existing community, but not great with trad. PR #bareitall

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