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“What does being a #cmgr mean to you? #cmgrhangout #cmgrchat cc @StephanieFrasco

“You still need to publicly acknowledge that you reached out privately, though, otherwise from the outside it looks ignored #cmgrhangout

“I tend to reach out directly to anyone with an issue, even if they reach out publicly. #cmgrhangout

“A1) As the only #cmgr, though, I'm normally contacted directly. I've made myself pretty available. #cmgrhangout

“A1) Honestly, immediate reaction is always "yikes this must be bad." #cmgrhangout

“Friends! Check out templates &branding features & even a Resource Center feat. #cmgr! #cmgrhangout #cmgrchat ”

“I'm with @JonKoob. I always ask my dog what to do next :) #CMGRHangout

“I don't know why I keep tweeting @koob instead of @JonKoob but I think it's time for you to make the switch #cmgrhangout

“I'm def not tryna debate @historian. #cmgrhangout

Maximize Your Potential by Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Maximize Your Potential by Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

There's a blogpost for that! #cmgrhangout

“I save most of my book time for pleasure #cmgrhangout

“For pro learning, I'm all about blogs. @BrennerMichael, @markwschaefer, @dannysullivan, @LenKendall are some of my faves #cmgrhangout

“*raises hand* I read blogs > books #cmgrhangout

“Ugh I'm so proud of my little @koob #cmgrhangout

“There's a huge delay on #cmgrhangout, woah.”

“I think @Historian should have his own podcast. #radiovoice #cmgrhangout

“If your higherups aren't understanding what you do or seeing the value, report it differently. #cmgrhangout

“Yes @houseofbrew! If there's value, there's ROI. If there isn't, rethink. #cmgrhangout

“"You guys are all sharks!!!" @JonKoob #cmgrhangout

“Heated #cmgrhangout! I'm a community pro AND a social mgr AND a marketer. I add value&can quantify it. That is not a bad thing. #cmgrhangout

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