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“Content is headed towards visual. No one has time to read anymore, and images are easier to process and more shareable. #likeablechat

“Also, #shamelessplug for staying consistent - mix in curation! Fill up your @buffer with curated posts from @scoopit :) #likeablechat

“A majority of my best/favorite content has been reactive. Need to find right mix b/w that and proactive, but always be ready. #likeablechat

“Successful social media content is subjective. Depends on the business goals. #likeablechat

“While content might not have much of a life without distribution, social would be pretty empty without content! #likeablechat

“Content marketing's goal is to educate customers, be a thought leader, build a brand. Social's goal is to promote & converse. #likeablechat

“My favorite @jaybaer quote ever: "Content is fire, social media is gasoline." Social media is a distributor for content. #likeablechat

“How could I miss talking about social content?! #likeablechat

“RT @BTMurr: A2: I think that Social Media will continue to evolve into a pay to participate medium. Adapt or die. #likeablechat

“If you aren't passionate about what you're doing, people will sense that, whether it be coworkers, customers, clients... #likeablechat

“What does success mean to you? If you're passionate about what you do, you will be happy most importantly. That's success. #likeablechat

“Hi friends at #LikeableChat! Popping in from @scoopit HQ in sunny San Francisco!”

“This. MT @sprout_sarah: Don't get too emotionally invested, it's just Twitter. #likeablechat

“Online networking is great bc it helps connect ppl who never would've met,but don't fall into the trap & lose your uniqueness! #likeablechat

“Why is everything at the same time?!Eavesdropping on my new friend @BTMurr and #likeablechat and talking #curation in #hsuchat #multitasking”

“A2: Make sure you're not only watching your brand name/keywords, but related keywords & *potential* customers! Then butt in ;) #likeablechat

“RT @ottogrl: Q2: What are some best practices for social media listening? #likeablechat

“"Listening" in on #LikeableChat today. (see what I did there?)”

“+1!!!! RT @ottogrl: Anyone heading down to Austin for @SXSW? Let's meet up and say hi! #LikeableChat

“RT @bberg1010: A1. It means that people will see enough about you to form an impression before ever speaking to you, so be careful. #likeablechat

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