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“the man in black is the master of feels. RT @tombstonetrink one of my favourite songs ever and you can tell he feels every word of that”

“yep. RT @rosasaurus925 Was the bed song inspired by anything specific? Just curious.”

Johnny Cash - 'Hurt

Johnny Cash - 'Hurt"

bed song may be great but it doesn't TOUCH a first-hand retrospective of a life of pain and loss. i wept hard:

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Bed Song

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Bed Song

whoawhoaWHOA. i draw a line there... RT @AeryKeeps The Bed Song is on Par w Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. No doubt "

“my favorite songs are all sad. they go the deepest. RT @badaboumcat @amandapalmer is it that weird to love sad songs ?”

“RT @SanaB_: @MichaelNixphoto @amandapalmer right? I get too wrapped up in the song to actually cry. Glad I'm not just emotionless”

“RT @whoneedslove: @amandapalmer I didn't cry with The Bed Song either. Maybe we're more okay than I realize.”

“RT @SanaB_: The more @amandapalmer RTs people, the more strange I feel for not having cried over "The Bed Song" video, beautiful and moving as it may be”

“RT @docmisterio: @amandapalmer bed song was my ex and I only I didn't know it till she left… "if only she'd have asked me"”

“RT @maddiedingus: @amandapalmer Finally made myself watch The Bed Song video and now I can't stop sobbing uncontrollably. Thanks for that.”

“RT @Alaksuleiel: Finally watched @amandapalmer's the bed song video, no words, just emotion”

“RT @Koryn333: @amandapalmer the bed song... Everyone must listen to it's beauty right now!! No one is overreacting, it actually is THE saddest song ever!”

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Bed Song

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Bed Song

RT @elizabethkarr: If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. #kingsizedtears @amandapalmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra The Bed Song:

“RT @TraylorAlan: @amandapalmer I thought everyone was being a bunch of overemotional ninnies until I heard the song. Jesus Christ. #thebedsong”

“RT @wanderlustlost: @amandapalmer Thanks to one of your followers I just discovered The Bed Song. So sad- that's me. Or was. No longer.”

“RT @mppatterson23: Love the discourse that @amandapalmer bed song generates. This is the purpose of art. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“RT @AnthonyRidley: @amandapalmer FINALLY watched The Bed Song. No tears but deeply touched and understand what you're all talking about”

“the brand new one! which DEFEATS the original so hardcore. RT @amandapalmer Which version of the song accompanies the video?”

“x RT @petzilla I think it's a incredibly appropriate date for the Bed Song, I love that song &think it's very true to a lot of relationships”

“... because so many people have told me that after listening to "the bed song" they rush to hold their partners tighter. so why not.”

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