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“.@DowChemical's Hawkins: Leadership begins with a single person and an individual -- you and me. #IGEL2013 #energy”

“.@DowChemical's Hawkins: Finding business success is an imperative but also help solve challenges at the nexus. #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Hawkins We are imperiling current population & putting at risk future generations. Let's aim high. #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Hawkins We need to think about systems rather than silos. Look at how nature works. It's collaborative. #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Hawkins We use nature b/c it's valuable. We lose nature b/c it's free. That's the challenge. #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Hawkins At its core, chemistry and nexus of #energy, food and #water overlap. #IGEL2013 #STEM”

“.@DowChemical's Hawkins We're making decisions in next 10-20 years that will impact 10 generations to follow us. #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Neil Hawkins The big picture is Beijing and air pollution; episodes are increasing in regularity. #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Neil Hawkins 1B+ w/o clean drinking water. What is the rightful role of business in addressing this need? #IGEL2013”

“.@DowChemical's Neil Hawkins asks sustainable development: moral obligation or rightful role of business? #IGEL2013”

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