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“RT @fdestin: +1 ! "@ktrae: Thanks for coming to #tsdemoday. @anoorani. We are behind you on immigration reform. We need to make startup visas work."”

“Looking forward to this mobile monday boston event tonight with with @jenniferlum and Jeff Glass. Go Bosmo startups!”

“Google is screwed v. Oracle on Android & that there was no hope in hell Android wouldve survived as a startup: ”

“RT @joechung: Lotteries and Startups have a similarity: People confuse the fact that something happens with the likelihood that it will happen to them.”

Which is less expensive: Amazon or self-hosted?

Which is less expensive: Amazon or self-hosted?

Our EIR Charlie sharpens his pencil on the cost of AWS vs. self-hosting. A must-read for scaling startups:

“DEMO is bringing a mobile startup clinic to Boston and I am staffing along with @ktrae and @fdestin.”

“Boston startup people: going to Barcelona's MWC— send me a message to see what kind of a contingent we can get together for a Catalan adv.”

“Why it is not just navel gazing to have an opinion on where mobile data is going if you're running a startup: ”

“In 2005, trying to start a consumer web startup was CRAZY. Now you are just swimming in a sea of sameness. What are the implications?”

“Great rule-of-thumb data for early stage startups: @joestump

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