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“And while you are at it you can take your "would you like to rate this app" and shove it up the App Store banner on your website.”

“On another note, why is there no desktop app for Facebook?”

“Before you start your next world changing project or launch an app to make the world a better place, watch this - 😂”

“Sad to see the Hemingway App for Mac does not work on Yosemite. Hopefully that will get fixed. — ”

“Since when has my favorite social media sharing app been available on the mac? People need to tell me this stuff! ”

“How come I can download an app onto my mobile and instantly know how to use it, yet have to go on a training course to use a CMS?”

“Anybody know of an app that lets be annotate a PDF without the comments looking butt ugly!”

“Hell yeah. The world's most useful editor is now available for mac and PC. I love this app. ”

“Well that is ironic. Every app I have used on Yosemite has worked perfectly with the exception of Pages.”

“Tell a lie. Just needed to restart the iPad. Worked a treat after that. Yet to find an app that doesn't work.”

“One of the things I am most excited to see in ios8 is photography apps that can overwrite images you have edited rather than creating copies”

“what's considered a well-designed app have been raised and a clunky enterprise app can seriously hinder productivity. ”

“Finally found a Pomodoro app I actually like. Not that I am fussy or anything.”

Smashing Workshop with Paul Boag on

Smashing Workshop with Paul Boag on "Guerrilla Marketing" (April 5th 2013)

It's not too late to sign up for my workshop on promoting yourself, your app or business happening this Friday:

The Boagworld Web Design Show

The Boagworld Web Design Show

Pleased to see that the podcast app for the iphone has now dramatically improved. Time to resubscribe to Boagworld?

“So Google close down one of the best and most pervasive apps in its class (reader) to replace it with a poor copy of Evernote. Good job.”

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Interesting to see the direction the UK Government is taking regarding native apps and mobile usage. -

“So the orange roaming app just told me I've used 1800mb of data. At £8 per mb I just had a heart attack…”

“I have an idea for an app called "I don't want to eat alone". When away on business find random people to eat with.”

“I want to thank the guys at @mailbox for making an awesome app and giving it to us for free. To think that people begrudge the wait.”

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