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“Anybody know of an app that lets be annotate a PDF without the comments looking butt ugly!”

“Anybody know a way of stopping Facebook on iOS notifying me everytime somebody likes something. Just want notifications for comments.”

“Thanks to everybody at #tbowd for such a nice welcome and such kind comments.”

“Following on from my comments about criticising I have written down a few thoughts — So you want to convince me… ”

“Just to clarify. I should say I always read and consider comments people post. I just choose not to respond to those I disagree with.”

“Always best to just ignore people who criticise unless you agree with their comments.”

“Been suffering from a lot of negative comments recently and began to wonder why. Realised its because I has started responding to them.”

“Getting irritated with people in the comments. I really should know better than that.”

“Today's post went down well. Not had that many nice comments forever. Thanks :) — ”

“If I ever get bored I love to read the comments on this post. The confusion that comes from skim reading a post — ”

“Yay. I finally have proper notifications setup for comments on boagworld. That means when people post a comment I might actually reply!”

“Bollocks. Made the mistake of looking at iTunes comments about the podcast just before bed. Now going to dwell on the one negative comment.”

“Must check comments on boagworld more often. You guys are posting great stuff and its taking me ages to work through the backlog. Bad Paul.”

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