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“Played far too much Tomb Raider today. Loved every minute. I have decided I enjoy cinematic games.”

“Just finished Tomb Raider and considering my next game. Getting Bioshock Infinite but consider Sim City as well. Is it good? Thoughts?”

“Wondering if I am going to get time to play tomb raider before I go away for a fortnight on Wednesday. Didn't get to play this weekend. Sad.”

“Very proud of myself for stopping playing Tomb Raider so I could go to bed on time. Not so proud I have spent to after midnight faffing.”

“Extremely pleased Tomb Raider is good as I have tomorrow off. I now know what I will be doing all day.”

“Had a great evening playing the new Tomb Raider. Immersive, amazing graphics and still has the essence of tomb raider. Highly recommended.”

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