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“Do your web projects look like this? If they do, you're doing it wrong. ”

“Latest podcast is out!: 10 books every web professional should read ”

“"Designers love subtle cues, because subtlety is one of the traits of sophisticated design. But Web users are
In a hurry." - @skrug

“Writing a blog post about the appalling under investment found in most internal web teams.”

“Great taxi driver this morning. Told him I worked in the web and he said he fu*king hated the fu*king internet. Nice start to the day.”

“Love this. Web steerings groups in higher education. #iwmw14 — ”

“Got off the plane in Newcastle, took my phone off of airplane mode and I have now lost the ability to make calls or access web #ios8bug”

“"The Web is the ultimate laboratory of customer behavior." — a great article on the self service nature of the web — ”

“Do you know people who think they can write for the web, but cannot? Show them this post Ive just released — ”

“Isn't it funny how your attitude goes through phases. Feeling more excited about both the web and Headscape than I have in years.”

14 lousy web design trends that are making a comeback

14 lousy web design trends that are making a comeback

Some days I begin to wonder if we have made any progress on the web.

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The future of web typography. Device dependant font size - - You can use now but remember to add a fallback.

“I thought the web would be a platform for equality, accessibility and democratisation. A chance for race, appearance and gender to vanish.”

“Ignore me. Just being a cynical bastard tonight. Just looking back at the hopes I had for the web in 1994.”

“… its like our emotional maturity is holding back our technical prowess. Take the web. An amazing technology & look what we use it for.”

Website monitoring and iteration

Website monitoring and iteration

Are you monitoring and iterating your site? That is the subject of the final post in my web governance series.

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