Twylah Brand Builder

Make your Tweets work for you. Let us be your secret weapon for building an effective and meaningful brand using Twitter.

Simple and Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

The Twylah Brand Builder is constantly measuring the effectiveness of your Tweets.

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Your Social Brand Scorecard

Twylah analyzes your social activity on three key areas to determine your brand's prevelance on Twitter.


Focus Score

See how focused your tweets are with your chosen topics. This is a great way to stay on track towards reaching your social brand goals.


Consistency Score

Check to see how often you Tweet about your topics. Regularly engaging your followers is the easiest way to keep them interested.


Resonance Score

See how your tweets are resonating with your followers. The higher your score, the more your audience is interested in you and your content.

Brand Alignment

Brand Alignment Score

Your Brand Alignment score represents how well your Twitter activity is aligned with your goals towards building your Social Brand.

Measuring Social Engagement

Get quick insights on all your topics.

Measuring Social Engagement

Your Topics

Get a quick overview of how your Twitter activity is matching up with your chosen topics. In addition to Tweet frequency and their resonance, you can see when you last Tweeted in each category.

Most Tweeted

See what topics are getting the most of your attention. This is a great way to judge if your time on Twitter is on the right track. You may not realize just how much you're talking about certain topics.

Top Performing

Quickly see which topics are getting the best reactions from your audience. Knowing what your followers respond best to is a great way to keep them engaged.

Discover Content About Your Topics

We've built a powerful search tool that helps you discover and share relevant content with your followers. The Tweet Suggestor digs up popular, unique and interesting articles that you can share directly, or use as research towards becoming a leading expert in your industry.

Twylah also uses Buffer, which allows you to queue content to be Tweeted automatically. Want to supplement your daily Tweeting with a fun "Article of the Day"? You can plan out a weeks worth of Tweets and let Twylah handle the rest.

Tweet Suggestions