Voteforbritneysteens Tweets by @britneyspears

“Followed u but don't stop!!! RT @RadiateLuis Ima keep voting till @britneyspears follows me! #VoteForBritneysTeens

“Aww thank u sweetie!! Followed, Xo RT @IheartKatyP_ #VoteForBritneysTeens and LOVED #ScreamAndShout, can u follow me brit?”

“I see u! Looking 4 those #VoteForBritneysTeens tweets! RT @reeses_bk How many times should I vote for u to notice me? #VoteForBritneysTeens

“And if u want to vote for @CarlyRoseMusic, call 1-855-843-9305 or text VOTE to 9305 #VoteForBritneysTeens

“If u want to vote for @Diamondkwhite, call 1-855-843-9301 or text VOTE to 9301 #VoteForBritneysTeens

“Let's do some voting for my two favorite girls @CarlyRoseMusic & @Diamondkwhite - #VoteForBritneysTeens

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