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Your "Tweaks" for the Week of April 8th? Here are Mine! (video)

Spring break! Front-loading work into Mon, Tues, Wed so Thurs & Fri w/ kids. What's your #worklifefit this week?

“Learned friend from high school is in hospice & his wife just found out she has ovarian cancer. They have 2 young kids #prayers #perspective”

“Set rules/monitor THEIR pages MT @NewTechCity: @caliyost @Manoushz What are ways to use Facebook, Instagram, etc. to keep in touch w/ kids?”

“Q3: Also, Texting, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can keep you connected to your kids IF you help them use correctly. #womentech”

“Yes "have" kids but talk about not really knowing them well. Wish more soccer games, dinners, etc @johnsonwhitney @nigelcameron @cschweitz.”

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