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“RT @Manoushz: Join me, @WNYC, + @Percolate's @s_m_i on Twitter tommorow: 12EST #womentech, talking startups, diversity, + funding ”

“Can't wait! RT @Manoushz: Next week well have @JessicaLawrence from @NYTM. Hope to see you then #womentech

“Misspelling in tweetchats allowed! RT @Manoushz: embarassed I spelled advice wrong #womentech

“A5: SO easy when work for yourself, on your own w/o boundaries to neglect other parts of your life. Use #workflex you have! #womentech

“A5: Freelancers entrepreneurs, even MORE important you deliberately, intentional TWEAK your everyday #worklifefit #womentech

“A4: Worst thing is manager says "no" and you follow original plan. But likely to at least get hearing if come to table w/ plan #womentech

“A4: If you are planning to leave anyway, you have nothing to lose but to propose a pilot #workflex plan BUT learn how to propose #womentech

“A4: Then after the pilot is over review it with everyone. See how it went. 9 times out of 10 fine and people more comfortable #womentech

“A4: Bosses/colleagues not on board, suggest a "pilot" or 3 month test of new, flex way of working that u will review. #womentech

“A4: Managers can't GIVE you #worklifefit. All they can do is support #workflex, then u need to capture and use so win-win #womentech

“A4: Tell manager to #1: learn how to manage THEIR #worklifefit, then give people "how to" so can partner get job done & have life #womentech

“In @newtechcity, we have more #workflex BUT need to take control, capture it and make the #worklifefit WE want with it. #womentech

“But have to deliberately make them happen RT @ashleymilnetyte: Nature (without screens) is vital to regaining some perspective. #womentech

“w/o boundaries, now get lost @Manoushz: .@caliyost yeah, also easy to get swept away by demands of a @newtechcity. #womentech

“Q3: Also, Texting, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can keep you connected to your kids IF you help them use correctly. #womentech

“Q3: Specific tools that help, again, on calendars displayed together--work and personal--which my research shows most don't do #womentech

“It's a matter of what is important to u @Manoushz. In world of high tech it's the stuff of life that matters that can get lost. #womentech

“#TWEAKIT Step #4: For me, my standard tweaks of the week are shop for food, plan meals on Sunday, move my body 1 hour, 4x a week #womentech

“Step 4 examples: Walk dog with partner at night; see a friend for coffee; take an online class; sign up for networking event... #womentech

“Yes, Step #4 is my favorite, b/c when I ask people what actions mean most to them always small and doable.. #womentech

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