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“RT @NRANews: LIVE #CPAC2014: "They need to hear you from the green-rooms of MSNBC ... will you stand with us to defend freedom with all...”

“That's pretty deep, actually.
RT @NRA: LaPierre: The #NRA has become a metaphor for the core American freedoms we want preserved #CPAC2014”

“RT @NRANews: LIVE from #CPAC2014: "There is no greater freedom than the right to survive." - Wayne LaPierre”

“RT @NRANews: LIVE from #CPAC2014: "We trust our freedom. In this uncertain world, surrounded by lies and corruption."”

“RT @NRA: In defense of our freedom, #NRA's 5 million members will not back down - not now, not ever #CPAC2014”

“RT @NRA: LaPierre: Obama and anti-freedom activists deny ... the truth that firearms in the hands of good people save lives #CPAC2014”

“RT @NRANews: LIVE from #CPAC2014: "I thank you for being here with me & for your support & vigilance in defending our freedom."”

“Plant your feet firmly in the foundation of freedom #WayneLaPierre #NRA #NRANews #CPAC2013”

“RT @NRANews: LIVE: "That freedom is on the line … now and in 2014 and 2016 and in every election and every political fight in your lifetime." #NRA”

“Our individual liberty is our freedom #WayneLaPierre #NRA #NRANews”

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