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“Sickle cell advocate @TahirahAkilah talks about pain management makes them look like drug seekers (drugs opiate based). #ePatCon”

“To all my advocate buddies, I'm going to be presenting in about an hour. All about bringing patients to the table, too - YIKES #ePatCon”

“Collaboration of @jeannebarnett patient advocate and @KnowCF Chris Baldwin, scientist- GR8 example patients/science working 2gthr. #ePatCon”

“I'm presenting @ePatCon2014 #Patient #advocates: Tell me why we r essential on team-bench to bedside. Want all voices”

“How did I become an advocate? I fell into in publicly but in 2006 when I was first dx'd w/breast cancer, I was self advocating. #f1000talks”

“Let advocates help.We can speak "medical" and "patient" we can help others understand how to decipher to make their best choice #f1000talks”

“People rely on headlines and the headlines can be misleading. Advocates can be crucial in making sure info is correct. #f1000talks”

“Importance of open access for advocates is huge. We try to share info within our communities and without knowing all nuances 1/2 #f1000talks”

Glenn Close advocates open conversation about mental illness

Glenn Close advocates open conversation about mental illness

VERY impressed by #Philosophy brand for support! Glenn Close advocates open conversation #mentalillness @bc2m

“True collaboration requires #openaccess for patient-advocates: #hcsm”

“Apologies @NIMHgov for adding "M" to his name in earlier tweets. Dr. Tom INSEL=a champion. me? #chemobrain turned #mentalillness #advocate

“Conferences #mentalillness. #APAAM14 in NYC, #NatCon14 in DC - Wish more "regular" #advocates - Take page fr #breastcancer -we are valuable!”

“"I'm not an md. I'm just a guy who's been there." @CopeMoyers power of patient advocates. #bringhopetomind #fountainhouse”

“Now taking the stage @NIMHgov Tom Insel - saw him at @fastercures #P4C2013 meeting. He is a brilliant advocate and scientist #mentalillness”

“I wish there were more opportunities for "regular" advocates at #NATCON14 We bring much to the table #mentalillness”



Free the Data

Free the Data

Breast cancer powerhouse advocate friend has been pushing Free The Data #lcsm

“:( MT @MentalIllPolicy: Greatest stigma seriously mentally ill face fr mental health advocates: They don't even want 2 acknowledge they exst”

“Did any of my advocate buddies got to see Jim Hicks from @CSHLnews Cold Spring Labs give presentation at #AACR14. Stellar researcher! #bcsm”

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