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PLENARY - Molecule to man (and woman): Speeding translation to human trials

PLENARY - Molecule to man (and woman): Speeding translation to human trials

LOVE Anna Barker! MT @fastercures #TBT fr last yr #P4C2012: Molecule to (Wo)Man: Speeding Translation to Human Trials

“Conversation now at warp speed.... Anna Barker talking about bioethical issues and conformed consent. #AACR”

“In EVERY SINGLE country, it's breast cancer advocates that start the change. Anna Barker #AACR”

“Jorge Gomez: PATIENT EDUCATION is most important. Anna Barker concurs. We all agree. #AACR”

“Must start thinking Global.... "how do we convince pharma to make cancer drugs affordable in poor nations?" Anna Barker #AACR”

“Anna Barker discussing disparity. Result of research not reaching other countries. Not affordable ie-herceptin #AACR”

“Anna Barker moderating panel: Jorge Gomez, Ben Anderson and Paula Kim. Fairly limited number advocates from other countries for SSP. #AACR”

“Anna Barker at the podium talking about bring more international advocates to #aacr. "Cancer is a Global Issue"”

“Fact from Ann Barker. "There are organs that do NOT get cancer" NCI won't fund research on those organs. Disruptive research needed. #AACR”

“Looming cancer crisis is going to break the bank. We are NOT going to prevent cancer in people over 55. Ann Barker #AACR”

“Now up, president of #AACR Frank McCormick. Ann Barker doing intro. "he has a passion for getting research to patients"”

“Patient advocate program had humble beginnings-Margaret Foti and Ann Barker brought us to this table #AACR”

“Ann Barker running down some special sessions for SSP ... will be anxious for this: panel discussion on advocacy in int'l community. #AACR”

“Ann Barker: When visiting sessions, id areas that are innovative or disrupt current assumptions. Hard to get funded for new ideas. #AACR”

“Everybody who is a cancer patient should have their tissue sample stored and available. Ann Barker

“"It's one thing to be a survivor, it's another to be an advocate" Need to define what we can do per Ann Barker #AACR”

“Ann Barker talking to the advocates in our opening session. #AACR”

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