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“Sorry I popped out for a while.... juggling four things.... TY @JBBC .. @BCCEU.. was great! #bcceu

“to be true patient advocates. We have an important role. Not to replace doc, nurse, social work-just to ADVOCATE #bcceu

“And, 2B frank, it always comes down to money. Most of us who advocate for others, do so as volunteers. Who would fund qualified pts #bcceu

“The gap in care is between epatient and doctors. I worry abt those who fall by the wayside. Some of the care horrifies me. #bcceu

“Yes THIS: RT @healthevents1: T4 patients need to be invited to speak to student HCPs and plant the seed of partnership #bcceu

“Clarify lt tweet. She wants ME to understand and break down the options in ways she can hear. Less nerves when coming from fellow pt #bcceu

“T4 Some people (my mom) do not want to understand. There is an unmet need for true patient advocates to help those people. #bcceu

“T4 Patient advocates in settings to facilitate for those who do NOT have online access. All should be empowered. #bcceu

“ABSOLUTELY RT @lockeym: #bcceu Too many patients getting inadequate care b/c of sm ignorance. We need to get the word out #bcceu

“On the phone! Sorry!! #bcceu

“Me, too. I have a "sister" in S Africa and a few in New Zealand. Along w/EU etc! RT @AudreyBirt: Love the global part #bcceu

“T3 Big Obstacle. Hype & headlines create hysteria at times. That's bad. Very important to look to experts when info is published. #bcceu

“T2 Social Media has allowed for global collaboration between docs/patients, patients/patients. #bcceu

“YES. RT @williampearl: I think Social Media has not only empowered but helped reduce the feeling of isolation of a health challenge. #bcceu

“Re prior tweet, 1-it's paraphrased, 2-bear in mind I have "distracted brain" but that was the essence of the message. #bcceu

“Apologies to the doc who said this for not crediting: "patients come in armed w/a diagnosis that is generally confirmed by the doc" #bcceu

“Yes, the two way communication. Web 2.0. ABSOLUTELY made huge difference! RT @BCCEU: T2 information is now flowing in a different way #bcceu

“THIS! RT @HenrikeFH: T2: Universal access 2 info (both medical + sharing experiences w/people who are/have been in same situation) #bcceu

“Social Media, hands down. RT @BCCEU: T2: what do you think is driving the engine of patient empowerment? #bcceu

“It's being an *active* participant in your treatment. Understanding your disease. It's a patient as a partner. #bcceu

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